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Who are we?

Well actually at this point we is me.  A few of us started as a corporation in 2010 with goals of Education, Preservation and Celebration. That proved to be a bit ambitious and in 2017 we dissolved the corporation.  Since I was retired I decided to continue on with improving communication to the Louisiana aviation community.  I think that communication is the key to helping all of us succeed regardless of how we are involved in aviation in Louisiana - and you can see from the photos I plan to include every aspect of aviation.  I hope you will contact me if you have any suggestions or any information that needs to be shared. See the bottom of this page for an easy way to do that.  I look forward to hearing from you. - Jim Riviere


What do we do?

Basically, I try to keep the Louisiana aviation community informed.  You need to know the latest news.  You need to know what events are taking place if you are going to participate.  You need to know what is for sale or you can't buy it.


How do we do it?

We communicate by using this website, our twice weekly news email called the Louisiana Aviation News and a Facebook page.  Read more about all three below.

We Cover all Aspects of Aviation in Louisiana

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